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The Life Of A Straight Male Escort in 2013

by Josh Cranel on June 15, 2013

Male Escorts these days are not just eye candy and offer the potential for a romantic time, they are far more than that! These days straight male escorts could be hired just to show off to an ex boyfriend or be hired to accompany a women to an event or a wedding. Women enjoy the fact that they can call up or email a trust worthy male companionship agency (Like and describe the type of guy they are looking for and have him at her door the same night or at that special event in the near future.

Women want men for many different reasons. Some women want to even hire men so they can be their “wing man” for the night out and have their male escort go up to other guys that she is interested in and offer to introduce the gentlemen at the lounge to his “best friend” or “sister”. As crazy as that sounds, it makes sense. Most women want a really smart, sexy and serious guy in their life so why not hire that in a male escort or a male companion and take him out for some drinks at a spot she knows is packed with the types of guys she wants and then have the male escort break the ice for her (which doesn’t make her look desperate)? Boom!

It’s almost like getting a 2 for 1 deal because she can chalk it up as a night out with a man she was really attracted and have him massage her at the end of the night since he is on her time & that special guy at the lounge that night asked for her number!

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