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Hire A Male Escort / Companion is the number one website to straight male escort. They specialize in helping successful and wealthy women find the perfect man for any special occasion! All of the guys are serious about spending time with their clients and are extremely polite and respectful. Every male they represent in their agency has gone through a 3 step interview process in order determine if they are professional, high class and dependable.

The official website is 

5 Star Companionship is more than just a straight male escort service. When you visit their website you will be asked to fill out an inquiry form that allows you to select attributes that are important to you when choosing a male companion / escort. Using this type of approach ensures a much higher chance of making their customers happy opposed to just picking some guy off the internet based on a picture.

Why women hire male escorts? 

Here are some examples of what clients do with some of the male escorts / companions:

  • Dinner dates
  • Beach dates
  • Romantic time
  • Go to events together
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Date for a work related party
  • Travel buddy
  • Adventure activities
  • Weekend get away
  • Wedding date
  • Someone to talk to
  • Show off to your ex

5 star Companionship understands how important it is to keep you a satisfied customer therefore they ensure their clients are satisfied  and your information is 100% confidential when you submit your information to their website.

For booking information only, email

For employment opportnities only, email